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Boutique-Style Services

Providing Everything You Need


Our Speech and Language Pathologist, and Occupational Therapist can provide professional consultations to parents and other professionals through video or phone calls. Some examples of concerns that can be discussed during said consultations include, but are not limited to: 

  • Concerns regading your child's developmental and communication progress.

  • Discussions regarding a challenging client on your caseload.

  • If you need novel therapy ideas and recommendations for refined treatments. 

  • Consultations about a particular disorder and ways to most-appropriately guide their treatment journey.

  • Concerns regarding community resourcesa available to your child.

IEP meetings support 

Schedule our SLP and/or OT for your next IEP meeting. Our professionals can guide you through the process, support you and advocate for your child's needs, as well as make sure the Individualized Education Plan built is individualized to your child's strengths and needs.


We provide individualized workshops to teachers and/or parents in the form of an in-service; in-person or through video calls with the purpose of helping others better serve their community. These meetings serve as an educational time to expand your knowledge and learn about any concerns related to Speech Therapy Services, Occupational Therapy, Community Resources and Supports, and more. Some discussion topics can include, but are not limited to:

  • Sensory Strategies to support kids in the classroom or home environment.

  • Creative low-tech strategies to help your child communicate in the classroom and home environment

  • How to communicate with and support a child with developmental and speech delays 

  • Friendly and skilled techniques to aid a picky eater during mealtimes across all environments.

  • Redirection strategies for disruptive behaviors.


Our therapists provide coaching to parents by supporting them though the use of individualized behavior management strategies, establishment of daily routines, and providing education and training to elicit evolution of developmental milestones and techniques to aid your child during times of over-stimulation. Life skills coaching can also be provided to diverse populations, including teenagers in need of daily supports, or parents struggling with burnout.

Durable Medical Equipment

Prior to scheduling an evaluation with a direct DME (Durable Medical Equipment) provider, our therapists highly recommend participating in a consultation to discuss ways to acquire insurance coverage through the fulfillment of established pre-requisites, as well as to find the best equipment for your child's unique needs. Please click below for further information on some medical equipment available to you and your family.

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