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Do you accept insurance?

  • We accept most Medicaid insurance ensure equal access to care.

  • The Family Empowerment Scholarship (formerly known as Gardner)

  • United HealthCare

  • Aetna

  • Authorized non network Tricare provider

  •  We are also an ASO provider with The Children's Board

What if my plan is not listed?

We are not in-network with most commercial insurance carriers. Southshore Bilingual Therapy, Inc. offers private payment plans for evaluations and therapy.  You may also seek out of network coverage with your insurance company directly to verify if reimbursement through your plan is available.


Self-Pay Insurance

The benefits to self-pay:

  • Service based on need

  • No wait to initiate therapy

  • Avoid therapy denials and visit limits

  • Avoid common diagnosis-based restrictions

  • Improved efficiency of the practice, which drives down client costs and increases quality

We respect the needs of our kids and families  and offer reasonable rates. If your family insurance plan has co-pays/coinsurance or a high deductible, it makes sense to pay out-of-pocket for services to have freedom from the insurance limitations and stressors. We have decided to take this approach for our families, so that services are dictated by our expert therapists, not insurance companies.

Most importantly, we offer high-quality services that use the research-backed techniques, and that takes the whole family into account. We care about our clients and pride ourselves in seeing progress made, communication improved, and a better future for your child. 

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